Skerton Community High School

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28th November 21

The Future of the School


We are sorry to announce that LCC have confirmed the final decision to close Skerton Community High School as the opportunity to call in (question) the Cabinet Member's decision was not taken by County Councillors.


The school will close on 31st August 2014


At our school our ethos has always been to nurture and enable talent, whilst encouraging all students to care about and support each other. We provide smaller class sizes, excellent vocational opportunities, a clean, well resourced, friendly, caring and academically robust school that puts children first. We are flexible in our approach to education, allowing us to provide an appropriate curriculum for each pupil.We make it our business to know our pupils individually and work with them and their families to ensure that their potential is achieved.    read more >

Our Location

Our riverside location, close to Lancaster City centre, is accessible from the whole of the area. Despite being a small school our buildings sit in extensive grounds which provide pleasant surroundings as well as more than adequate space for all our sporting endeavours.

Our School

Skerton Community High School prides itself on providing the best for its pupils. A highly motivated staff, small school environment and high quality SEN support offer a standard of care and nurture that is unique in the area. This means that all our pupils benefit from a little extra attention; not only those that find education a challenging prospect but also those more academically orientated.

Our Community

The service we provide for our community is important to us - we always strive to improve our educational provision with that service in mind, over and beyond the requirement for statistical success.

Our Promise

We would recommend that the community doesn't pre-judge any school, but rather comes in and sees the school at work. If you would like to tour the school please telephone the school on 65143.

Come and see us at work and we promise you'll be pleasantly surprised.